Dissecting Dragons

Episode 322: Girls Who Stray From the Path - Tracing the Journey of Little Red Riding Hood

April 22, 2022

Jules and Madeleine are delighted to introduce a new 'series within a series' on Dissecting Dragons. Fairytales in focus will be a set of occasional podcast episodes that pop up during regularly scheduled programming, which take a single folk tale or fairy story and looks at the ways in which it has evolved and is still evolving.


This week, the dragons delve into the origins and iterations of Little Red Riding Hood. Just who is the bas guy in that fairy tale? (The answer might surprise you.) Where did the story originate and what are its enduring themes? How is the story shapeshifting to fit a modern audience? Find out in this week's deep dive. Under the scalpel this week: The Girl in Red - Christina Henry, Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin, Scarlet - Marissa Meyer and many more.


Title Music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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