Dissecting Dragons

Episode 321: Lesbians against Drink Driving - The Problem of the Activist Character in Speculative Fiction

April 15, 2022

Ever watched a film or read a book and found yourself getting annoyed with a character because they are utterly invested in an issue that has nothing to do with the plot? Or worse, that they clearly know very little about? You're not alone - both of the dragons are right there with you. Do not be deceived by the quirky (quote-y) title, this episode is a look at the 'activist character' trope in speculative fiction, and why it often doesn't work. And, of course, how to alter a few things so that you can include an 'activist' character and have it work for your own writing. Under the microscope this week: Bridgerton, Legally Blonde, The Princess Diaries and many more.


Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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