Dissecting Dragons

Episode 304: What If Examining Storytelling by Changing the Pivot Points in Speculative Fiction

December 10, 2021

What if your favourite character did choose the left hand fork of the path, they chose the right? What if a key piece of information was shared instead of hidden? What if the person who steps up and takes responsibility for the cursed object, is someone different? This week the dragons look at a variety of well known narratives and experiment with what would have happened in the story and how events would have been different if a key pivot point point in the plot had been subtly changed. Part fun thought experiment, part useful exercise for writers who want to learn to plot effectively or who need to get unstuck on a story. 

On the slab this week: Game of Thrones, How to Train Your Dragon, Jane Eyre and many more.


Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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