Dissecting Dragons

Episode 283: Vanishing Acts and Secret Scandals - A Compilation of Author Mysteries

July 16, 2021

And now, as they say, time for something completely different. Most authors draw from life experiences when writing and SFF/ mystery/ horror writers are no different. But some authors have peculiar episodes in their lives which rival their fiction. This week the dragons take a look at four writers who have at least one mystery attached to them. Why was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle so taken with the Cottingley fairies? Was Branwell Bronte ever really involved in a scandalous affair? How exactly did Edgar Allen Poe die? And what happened during the missing days of Agatha Christie? Jules and Madeleine can't promise answers but they can certainly promise a thorough examination of the known facts and their own opinion on the most likely solutions.


Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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