Dissecting Dragons

Episode 246 - Casting Long Shadows - How Horror Influences Other Genres

October 30, 2020
For their final Halloween Season episode, the Dragons are delighted to welcome special guest Claire Waller. Claire is the author of the dark YA thriller 'Fugly' and wearing her alter ego's hat, also authored the creature feature 'Predator X' and the Lovecraftian flavoured 'Nine Eyes'.
This week the dragons take a look at exactly why horror is so effective and popular, despite its propensity to examine the darker aspects of human nature. It's a little recognised fact, but horror makes its way into almost every genre, adding dark contrast to even the cosiest story. Jules and Madeleine delve into why this works. Under the microscope this week - Fugly by Claire Waller, Alien, The Thing and many more. 
Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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