Dissecting Dragons

Episode 230: Growing Pains - the Coming of Age Narrative in Speculative Fiction

July 10, 2020

The 'coming of age' narrative is not restricted to literary or contemporary fiction. A surprising number of SFF authors - both of YA  and adult fiction - have tapped into this transitional period of a character's life to add another dimension to a story. In some cases, to actually drive the story. This week Jules and Madeleine take a look at what makes this narrative arc so appealing no matter what genre you're writing in. From 'teenager is used to drive a revolution' to 'the supernatural is interfering with my crucial life choices', the dragons examine the most usual coming of age tropes. On the slab this week - My Hero Academia, I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith, The Karate Kid and many more.


Title Music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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