Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 5: Sci-Fi Westerns, Fantasy and Opera - Humankind’s Conquest of Space

March 11, 2016

Episode 5: Sci-Fi Westerns, Fantasy and Space Opera - Humankind's conquest of Space.

SFF and speculative fiction authors, J.A.Ironside and M.E.Vaughan, take on the tricky subject of exactly what classifies science fiction. From dystopian futures to space colonies to AI, sci-fi reflects the times in which it is born but everyone seems to have a different opinion on what constitutes sci-fi. Looking at Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, the original Star Trek, Frank Herbert's Dune and the now ubiquitous superhero movie (thank you Marvel and DC!), our intrepid authors boldly go where many have gone before, but few have ever returned with satisfactory answers. 
Title Music: 'Ecstasy' by Smiling Cynic

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