Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 37:Breaking Out the F-jar - Our Favourite Swears in Speculative Fiction

October 21, 2016

Episode 37: Breaking Out the F-jars - Our Favourite Swears in Speculative Fiction

In case you have not guessed from the title, this episode contains profuse profanity and swearing. Those of delicate sensibilities are encouraged to skip this one and join us again next week.
This week the Dragons explore the wonderful and bizarre world of profanity and how it is incorporated into Speculative Fiction in a number of creative ways. From the origins of swear words in common parlance to the attitudes towards swearing and why it both works and doesn't, the Dragons manage an astonishingly broad vocabulary in a number of languages. On the slab this week - Watership Down, Tamora Pearce's Beka Cooper series, The Gentleman Bastard trilogy and Firefly, to name but a few. Part immature giggle and part serious discussion on profanity and the way words change over time, this episode is not to be missed. (Unless the above warning applies to you.)

Title music - Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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