Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 231: Writing for Relaxation - the Therapy of Putting Pen to Paper

July 17, 2020

It can be easy, if your aim is publication and especially if you are already published, to forget that not everything you write has to have a purpose other than sheer enjoyment. Sometimes getting out of your own way as a writer involves writing something you'd never show to anyone else, that you have no intention of submitting or publishing. And in 'interesting times' such as those we currently live in, writing can be a form of pure escapism, a type of therapy or an enjoyable amusement. This week the dragons talk about many of the different ways you can employ writing techniques to cope with depression, boredom, anxiety or even to problem solve. In addition, writing different formats and styles will hone your technique. Do you always overwrite? Try poetry or microfiction. Do you have difficulty evoking a sense of place? Try some exercises to engage your senses. Join Jules and Madeleine for a light and informative look at how writing can help you relax.

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