Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 224: The Magic of the Craft - Artists Engineers and Creatives in Speculative Fiction

May 29, 2020

Speculative fiction is rife with magical objects - rings, crowns, swords and far stranger items - the presence of which shape the narrative as the object is lost, stolen, regained and destroyed. However, while archetype such as the bard or minstrel show up regularly, slightly less attention is paid to magic wielders in SFF whose power is expressed through creating something. This week the dragons delve into the world of the magical creative from the dwarves of Nordic mythology to the artist characters that see the future. What is it about the process of creating that so fascinates us? How can these characters be used to create an unusual magic system? On the slab this week - Heroes, L J Smiths Dark Visions series, Tamora Pearce's Circle of Magic and many more.


Title music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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