Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 218: Plotting, Pantsing, Middling and Snowflaking - Creating Outlines for Books and Series…or Not!

April 17, 2020

There are many ways to tackle writing a book and no one way is the only right way. Successful methods vary from writer to writer and even, book to book! This week Jules and Madeleine look at some of the most common methods, including what works, or has worked, for the dragons. One book often has a habit of becoming many. Alternatively, you may start out wanting write episodes in a series of books or you may have an over reaching arc in mind that requires more than one book. From writing one book to writing a series of them, the dragons dig into the weeds on what makes a series successful and what you should be considering if you're writing one. On the slab this week - The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, Incryptid and October Daye by Seanan McGuire, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle and many more.

Title Music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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