Dissecting Dragons

Dissecting Dragons: Episode 168: Woke is My Brand - The Trouble with Toxic Twitter

May 3, 2019

Episode 168: Woke is My Brand - The Trouble with Toxic Twitter


Social media has been a god send for so many people for a variety of different reasons - finding community, discovering support and aid, learning new skills, business and marketing. We can access audiences now that we didn't have a hope of reaching without serious publishing clout behind us twenty years ago. The flip side is that anyone can reach pretty much anyone, and there is no clear set of rules or laws or even customs that govern behaviour. Removing physical face to face and vocal interactions from the equation can lead to the worst aspects of human nature being put on display. And then there's the reading and writing community - dynamic, engaged, progressive...and occasionally prone to completely jumping the shark without always fact checking. This week the dragons swim in some very murky waters indeed as they puzzle out what for them are the really problematic aspects of social media engagement in the reading and writing community, and how we can all do something to make this a better place to interact. As writers, Jules and Madeleine are looking specifically through that lense and specifically at Twitter but much of what they discuss can apply to other circumstances on other platforms too.


Title Music: Ecstasy by Smiling Cynic

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